Betting Tips: Differences on Women’s and Men’s Tennis

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

The main tennis competitions for men and women differ dramatically. There has always been a tendency in this sport that the male contingent shows a hotter, tighter and more productive game.


Although the WTA athletes have been closing the gap lately, there is still a solid difference between them and men. If you want to make a good and high-quality bet with great Asian odds, welcome to our VOdds platform. A wide line and high odds are only here.


Bets on men and women


Due to the completely different play of men and women in professional tennis, the rates on this sport vary greatly. Men have a peculiarity thanks to which they play much better. Physically they are stronger and faster. Therefore, playing in ATP tournaments and in the lower men’s leagues is power play.


It is the differences in physical development that subsequently translate into differences in rates. Let’s see what you can fall for when betting on men’s tennis:


  • Men take their serve well. As mentioned earlier, men are more physically developed. In this regard, each athlete’s own serve is a great advantage. In most cases, it is implemented very confidently, and the player gets his points.
  • Men have a more stable psyche. Before playing against a stronger opponent, women may break down and lose very quickly. Men, on the other hand, are ready to fight to the last, even against a player from the top 10 of the world. By the way, you can place your bet on our VOdds platform with Asian odds.
  • Women can recoup even from 0: 5. How often have you noticed that when there is a lot of loss of games, female athletes often do not cope with their nerves? Interesting statistics – athletes take their games with enviable regularity, even with a big loss. This practice is very common in professional tennis. Therefore, when betting on women’s tennis, you need to focus on this.
  • There are more sensations in women’s tennis. This point follows from the previous one. You can build a strategy for betting on women’s tennis, focusing on the fact that athletes are able to do fantastic things even against a stronger opponent. Recently, this trend has been gaining momentum. For example, an athlete not even from the top 100 WTA rankings won at the Grand Slam tournament in America. On her way, Bianca Andreescu outplayed several top 10 and top 20 tennis players.


Therefore, it should be understood that when betting on men’s tennis, you need to use a slightly different strategy. If you’ve decided to bet on women’s and men’s tennis, it’s time to move on to our VOdds platform. Forward to your victories!


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