Golf Betting: Tournaments To Bet On

Golf Betting: Tournaments to bet on

Last updated on November 10th, 2021

Boasting a worldwide appeal and a very popular sport to bet on, golf’s certainly an interesting option for gamblers.


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In the first part of our series on golf betting, we’re going to start by looking at the plethora of tournaments out there to stake on.


Played all around the globe and with events typically lasting four days, punters are obviously spoilt for choice when looking at events to try their luck on. There’s no doubting the four majors generate the most intrigue, though, as The US Open, The Open, The Masters and the US PGA Championship are the prized crowns.



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Seeing as players want to test themselves against the best golfers around, earn the most money and gain the most ranking points, the PGA tour is the hottest ticket around. Based mostly in America with a few events scattered around the globe, this is usually what punters enjoy betting on most.


To round out the PGA campaign, they have the captivating Fed Ex Cup, which is basically a four part finals series to see who’s the best of the best.


Then, there’s the European Tour, which is also highly rated and sees tournaments based in many regions outside of Europe such as Asia and Africa. The ET also has a season ending series called the Race to Dubai.



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Other tours of note include the tour and the Challenge Tour, which are feeder tours into the PGA and the ET respectively.

In addition, there is plenty of interest in team and individual matchplay events such as the Ryder Cup, where Europe faces off with America. Other tournaments in this mould are the Eur-Asia Cup and the Presidents Cup (rest of the world vs. USA).


The women’s game notably offers many options too, where betting outlets offer vast options on LPGA tournaments and the ladies’ majors.


If you love your golf and your betting, there’s certainly no shortage of options from everyone from the casual to the professional gambler, thus making golf a superb sport to bet on.


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