What is an Assist in Football?

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

For ordinary people, football is a team sport in which one of the teams achieves victory due to the greater number of goals. On the one hand, this is correct logic. If you are just starting to watch professional football matches, you probably have a lot of questions about the game in general. Let’s take a closer look at one of them. And you can make an excellent single or express it on our VOdds platform. Juicy Asian cafes are already waiting for you!


Most of you know what a goal is in football. But not everyone understands the meaning of the words “assists” or “assist”. So what is soccer assist?


The essence of the concept


Do you often look at the scoreboard when watching a match? When a player scores a goal, his name appears in the table. Logically, a certain player scored the ball – his name appeared on the scoreboard. But sometimes another interesting signature appears next to the name of the striker.


For example, Bayern Munich plays against Borussia Dortmund in their native Bundesliga. The first half is coming to an end, and the main striker of the “bumblebees” in the person of Erling Holland scores the ball. But the following inscription appears on the board: “Holland (Royce)”. Why did the name of another player appear next to the player who scored the goal? This is the man who gave the scoring pass to the Norwegian.


It’s time to understand in technical terms what an assist is in football. A pass is called a pass by a player, followed by a goal. Do you often notice great passes from the best center defensive or attacking players in the world? De Bruyne, Kante, Jorginho – all of these players have high numbers in the “assists” column. It is these players who most often bring their forwards to shock positions. And our VOdds platform gives players only the best odds from all Asian bookmakers!


A person who makes a large number of assists in a season is no less important than a forward. Sometimes these players are even more valuable. True, it should be understood that if, after a goal pass, the ball touches any part of the body of another player (not counting the goalkeeper), then in most cases the assist will not be counted. Whether it is a touch of a player on his team or the opposing team.

We hope you were able to understand what assists are in football. In fact, this concept is easy. This article will be able to help novice players or football spectators understand the basic concepts in this interesting sport. And our VOdds platform will help you to make a pleasant bet on football. Register and collect your winnings!

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