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Bounty Program

Bounty Program

The VOdds Bounty program is an incentive offered to an array of participants for various activities to strengthen the brand’s online presence and reputation. The participants will be rewarded based on completing required actions such as liking the page, following, sharing, and posting on different social media channels using their personal social media accounts.



Twitter Bounty

Tweet away, punters! Share your referral code and complete tasks using your Twitter account.


Instagram Bounty

Got a story to tell about VOdds? Share it on your Instagram account and earn €10 – €30 in BTC.


Telegram Bounty

Use your Telegram account and invite users on your channels and get amazing rewards bi-weekly


Blog Bounty

Get us featured on your website by writing about us! Be sure to follow the guidelines to earn more rewards in your Bitcoin wallet.


Facebook Bounty

Post on your Facebook account and share your VOdds referral links. Reach hundreds of punters and get big rewards!


Youtube Bounty

Content creator? Use your YouTube channel to reach out to millions of punters and earn BTC with VOdds!

How to join




Participants need to have an existing VOdds account or register at VOdds.com

  • 1.1 For those who don’t have a VOdds account, kindly use promo code: BOUNTY with reference code VBOUNTYPROGRAM to register an account.
  • 1.2 Participants must login to their VOdds account and get their unique referral link under My Account’s dashboard.

  • STEP 2

    Program entry is valid until December 31, 2021

    STEP 3

    Participants have to fill out the form to be able to participate.

    STEP 4

    Entry accepted would be 1 account per day/channel/entry.

  • Only successful accounts will receive €10 – €30 in BTC depending on the quality of the entries and reach.

  • STEP 5

    Confirmation Policy:

  • Complete the task according to Application Rules on listed Channels on VOdds Bounty Program
  • Entries that are NOT accepted will get zero rewards.
  • Use the ff. Hashtags on your posts: #VOdds #broker #agent #sportsbook #sportstrading #bounty

  • STEP 6


  • Users will receive the Bounty reward two (2) weeks after their posts have been accepted.
  • Users need to provide a valid Bitcoin Wallet Address.