How to Win on Unpopular Football Matches

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

Football is one of the most popular sports today. A large number of different competitions at various levels are held all over the world. People keep a close eye on the world’s top leagues and Eurocup competitions. Many bettors ask themselves the question – where to find profitable bets on football matches? By the way, you can make a great bet on our VOdds platform. The best sporting events and gorgeous odds from all Asian bookmakers are here!


In search of lucrative events, beginners find less popular soccer matches with mesmerizing odds. But not always such events can bring victory. Today we have to figure out what to bet on in football and how to win at bookmaker’s. Let’s highlight profitable bets on football matches and decide whether it’s worth getting into unpopular championships.


Weak leagues – a guarantee of victory


In search of an answer to the question “How to bet on football?” novice players wander along the lines of different bookmakers. Quite unexpectedly, betters can find a game of, say, a little-known team from their region. Let’s demonstrate a similar tactic with an example.


The main favorite of the Belarusian championship in the person of BATE is going to play at home against the middle peasant, Vitebsk. It seems that the home team has a much better chance of winning, as they are in first place in their home championship. And the guests, to put it mildly, are quite average in terms of class.


But here’s the bad luck – the coefficient for the owners is suspiciously high, about 1.6. The question arises – is this a trick of the bookmakers or is there a problem in the BATE game? A novice player without a twinge of conscience will bet on the home team’s victory and forget about this match. But can he win? And you can make a good bet on our VOdds platform. The best odds – come in and check!


As a result, the home team drew with Vitebsk, 1: 1. But why did this happen? The bottom line is that in the last match the team went to visit PSV and played in the next confrontation of the Champions League qualifications and spent all their energy on this fight. Naturally, the main squad was very tired, and they had to put up non-main players for the game with the average guests. The result is a draw.


Tips for betting on unpopular matches


As an example, you realized that betting on the favorite in the grassroots championships is quite risky. Experienced bettors give several important tips in such cases:


What is the best bet in football? All leagues have interesting encounters, and you can bet on anything. It is important to do high-quality analysis of the fight.


  • In the beginning, try to bet on top championships. It is easier to make a good forecast there, and more statistics are available to the average player.


  • Do not focus on high odds. If you think that a big odds for a favorite are a bookmaker’s mistake, then in 99% of cases you are mistaken!


Now the question “What football is better to bet on?” may be closed for many novice players. And you can use the acquired knowledge when playing on our VOdds platform. Get your winnings now!


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