Most Honest Online Bookmakers That Offers Quality Services

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

Professional bettors have long learned to understand when a bookmaker is capable of making a profit and when it is not. Finding honest bookmakers for new players seems like a very difficult task. But it’s actually simple. For example, our VOdds platform is as open and loyal to the players as possible. We have the best Asian odds!


Today we will figure out which bookmakers are honest and which are not entirely. We will help newcomers in this matter. Let’s highlight several criteria of how to find the most honest bookmakers.


What is a bookmaker and how do they work?


A bookmaker is a company that accepts bets on various sports events. You can bet not only on sports, but even on various political, economic and cultural events. Many bookmakers allow you to do this.


The best and honest bookmaker – what is it? It should work on the principle of paying dividends to players. But the organization itself in this case has a need to make a profit for any outcome of certain events.


A certain part of the players will still remain in the black, but the bookmaker will be a little richer thanks to the margin. Margin is a bookmaker’s percentage or a commission. It can be calculated using a simple formula:


(1 / К1 + 1 / К2 +… + 1 / Кn – 1) x 100, where К1, К2, Kn are odds in one market, n is the number of outcomes in the market.


Honest bookmakers on the Internet try to make money thanks to the margin. The rest are trying, by way of inflated odds, either to provoke players to bet, or by providing such secret information to third parties. This is not the norm. Therefore, the most honest bookmakers in the world do not use such shenanigans. Our VOdds platform also does not resort to such tricks, so your bank will be multiplied several times!


It is also worth highlighting some of the things that professional players earn on – these are surebets. The best and most honest bookmakers try to give players only true odds, thanks to which cunning players will not be able to gain profit under any conditions. Recall that a surebet is a bet on several events, thanks to the coefficients of which it becomes possible to gain profit in any scenario.


The main task of the bookmaker is the activity of the audience and the attraction of a new one. It is only thanks to the players that the most honest online bookmaker will be able to stay afloat without resorting to fraud. Do not try to play on little-known sites, as there is a high probability of losing the entire pot. Look for information and fresh reviews on the work of bookmakers.


It is difficult to single out one of the best bookmakers. There are many of them on the territory of Russia and the CIS, and a large number of them can be trusted. Check out the opinions of other players on this matter. You can always make a great bet on our VOdds platform! The best Asian odds will make you profitable. Check it out now!

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