British and American Odds | How to Calculate Betting Odds

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

The bookmaker uses different types of odds in the bets. All over the world, players can meet all kinds of their variations. In Russia and the CIS, only decimal places are common. American and British odds in sports betting are not so popular. If you want to place a bet with great odds, we recommend our platform VOdds. We offer our users the best Asian odds and a wide range of bets.


Today we will talk about British and American sports odds. Let’s see how they work. Let’s try to understand how to calculate the American coefficients and their British counterparts.


The essence of the rates


Russian bookmakers often offer their users a simpler decimal odds system. You take its value, multiply it by the amount of the bet and get the potential winnings. To calculate your profit, you simply subtract your original pot from your total winnings.


But in British and American sports odds, things are a little different. What types of odds are there? How are these odds calculated?


British odds


The format of the British odds in bets is different from others. They are often called fractional. Decimal odds are also fractional. But the British version has a simple fraction. For example, 2/11.


Let’s figure out the calculations. For example, one of the teams has a high chance of winning the upcoming game. The British odds for such an event are 2/11. You need to understand it like this – to get a profit of two rubles, you need to put 11 rubles. Then the payment will be 13 rubles.


Similar calculations can be performed with other coefficients. For example, we have an odds of 3/1. That is, you need to place a bet of 1,000 rubles to get a win of 3,000 of this currency. This coefficient can be considered very successful. You can place a bet on our VOdds platform!


American odds


How to Calculate American Sports Odds? For him, there is a format in which American odds can be positive and negative. They look like this: +100 or -150.


For example, we need to calculate the American odds on our bets. We see the number -350. It implies that when you receive a win of 100 currency units, you need to put in 350 similar ones. That is, you need to place a bet of 350 rubles to get 100 on top.


We hope that you were able to understand the types of sports odds. And our VOdds platform will help you to make an excellent bet. What are you waiting for?

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