5 Factors That Affect Sports Betting Odds

Five Factors that Affect Sports Betting Odds

Last updated on November 8th, 2021

One of the reasons why bettors should be updated about the forecast of odds from sports book makers is that odds are always mutable even to the last minute.


Some punters get irritated by the change in odds by bookies. From giants play makers like Ladbrokes, Betfair, and William Hill down to Asian bookies – Pinnacle, SBOBET, and SingBet, all are the same. But no one is to blame except the various factors that affect the odds that bookies are giving for matches.


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Five factors at play that influence how bookmakers calculate the odds


Head to Head records


There are cases when teams display incredible strength and performance when matched with a specific teams, while in decline if let to face to another team. This is the reason why head to head records should be considered in calculating odds.


Injuries and suspensions


There are unexpected and unavoidable cases when athletes gain injuries or red card suspensions. In some cases, those players are key to the team’s performance in leagues, so their absence will pose a serious threat to the play. For instance, Los Angeles Lakers have been good in their performances earlier in the current NBA season. However, they lost grip in their standing in the table when key player LeBron James suffered a groin injury.


Team lineup


This is important to be considered in making the odds of the game as some players in the squad are replaced if the team manager saw it as more appropriate. Even teams could lose while a key player is in the squad if a complementing player is absent. For example, there are games when the Golden State Warriors are peaking strength when Stephen Curry is complemented by Klay Thompson, and declining when Thompson is absent with an injury.


Current form


This is a big factor in considering odds as teams could be expected to lose again when possessing a terrible form or win again when otherwise. However, there are times when a win will pop out of a series of losses but those are exceptions rather then the rule.


Home and Away records


This is true especially to teams that perform better in home games than away games. There are also cases when squads are good both in home and away games. Rarely though, some teams are stronger in away matches then home games.


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