How to Place a Bet or Create Order Tickets on VOdds

Last updated on December 17th, 2021

How’s your VOdds experience so far? If you’re still familiarizing yourself with the new and improved platform, read this blog to learn more about submitting order tickets, so you can start placing your bets on competitive odds on football, basketball, and tennis matches!

Aside from having a fool-proof betting strategy, here are the things you need to know about placing bets or creating order tickets. You can also jump on the specific topics below:

What is an Order List?

An order list presents a complete list of settled and unsettled orders that you have placed on the VOdds platform, it can be found at the bottom of your dashboard and you can drag it upwards if you want to see all of your orders.

You’re welcome to choose different types of bet order options to use such as Current Normal Orders, Future Normal Orders, Current Positional Orders, and Future Positional Orders. You can also use filters to search for specific leagues, ID, teams, or Asian bookies that you want to see on your dashboard.

Make sure that you know how to fund your account with zero fees and minimum deposit to start placing your bets.

If you click View Bet List (eye icon), it shows you the full bet details for an order. From there, you can view the Order Details to see the event’s start time.

How to use the Filter Menu?

The Filter Menu allows you to search for a league or a match that you want to see on your Odds Panel. You may type in a specific league or a match through the Filter Menu and it will show filtered events and matches related to your searched keyword. For example, if you want to check on EPL matches, simply search “English Premier League”.

How to place a bet and submit an Order Ticket?

To start placing your bets, you should follow these simple steps:
  1. Find the events, odds, and outcome that you want to bet on
  2. And an Order Ticket will pop out on your dashboard
  3. Input the stake (bet amount) and odd that you’d like to place
  4. Check the consolidated odds, min/max, stake, average odds, user stake, and active odd selected
  5. If you’re happy with your choices, click Place Order to submit your ticket

How to use Current and Future Normal Order

On VOdds, you can choose from the different order types and betting options.

Current Normal Order is an instruction to place a bet on a selected bet type for your original stake, on specific odds. Then, VOdds will estimate the best available odds for your order. Upon your confirmation, we will then immediately execute the order.

All bets placed will be at equal to or better odds than the original betting odds. VOdds might not only be able to fulfill the request if the odds changed significantly between the execution time and the time that the order is placed.

Once you successfully submit an order, then we can review it through the Order List, and once the event is finished, we will automatically compute your win/loss.

Future Normal Order is where you can place bets on an event whose odds are not yet available. VOdds will carry out your order once the specified odds are available. You will also be able to specify how long the order is good for through the “Good Till” function.

Many traders who need to bet only on specific prices normally use Future Order. This is also useful for quantitative analysts who use a set of predetermined prices to trade. Additionally, in-running traders find it advantageous to enter or exit a trade using this order type.

Same with Current Normal Order, once you click OK then your order ticket will be confirmed. Just make sure to double check if the information on the “Good Till” column is correct. Your win/loss will also be automatically computed after the events.

How to use Current and Future Positional Order

When you bet using positional order, it consists of an Opening Positional Order and a Closing Positional Order. Essentially, you make a single bet on a selection and subsequently close it with a corresponding opposite bet. For now, only the selected major leagues and cup pre-game matches are available for Positional Orders.

You can choose either Asian Handicap (HDP) and Total Goals (OU) for your positional orders. This is to ensure that sufficient liquidity is available to users and that all matches are low-spread.

Current Positional Order must be opened and subsequently closed anytime prior to 5 minutes of the scheduled kick-off time and these types of orders are not available for in-running games.

It is essentially a bet on the odds movement of an event. If the odds move sufficiently in favor of your current selection, then your Positional Order would be profitable. Otherwise, if the odds move against your selection, then you will not gain any profit.

You can check if an event is available for positional order trading by checking if there is a chart icon ( wallet icon ) displayed on the first line of the match in the Today and Early events. Not all lines of an event are available for positional order.

When you are happy about your bets, simply submit your order ticket and VOdds will automatically close your ticket once executed.

Future Positional Order on the other hand consists of an Opening Positional Order and a Closing Positional Order. You may already place bets on odds that are not yet available, and then VOdds will carry out the trade once the odds are available.

The menu for Future Positional Order can be seen below the Future Normal Order menu. Make sure to check for the “Good Till” validation selections and if they are “cancelled” or through “second”, “minute”, “hour”, and “day”.

How to edit and close Order Tickets

When using our platform, you have the option to edit or close your order tickets upon your discretion. If you decide to cancel or close your order, click on Stop Order Ticket and then a Closing Order Ticket option will pop-out for confirmation that you really want to close your order ticket.

See how it works? Everything is customizable and editable based on your preferences! Log in on your VOdds account or register now and be on your way to become a more profitable bettor!

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