How To Create and Switch Between Watch Lists | VOdds 2.0


Last updated on December 28th, 2021

Monitoring league matchups are important yet time-consuming. That’s why our ‘Watch List’ feature is an all-time favourite, so we didn’t forget to improve it on the latest update of our sports trading platform. 


Now, you can use the new and improved process of creating Watch Lists! Analyzing and viewing your sports data or betting odds matches are much easier and organized because of these updated features on VOdds.


If you are new to VOdds, here’s how you can use our Watch List to easily view live in-play odds for your favourite leagues or matchups in separate tables. 


How to use our Watch List?


Tracking matches and betting odds is easy. VOdds platform provides default Watch Lists for you to use:

  • The Favourite tab shows games and odds you marked as favourites. To add an event to this list, click the star icon on the matches you want to monitor closely. 
  • The Live tab shows games with in-play odds available.
  • The Today tab shows the pre-match odds for the games scheduled that day.
  • The Early tab shows the odds for upcoming games. 


See our complete guide for VOdds 2.0 dashboard to learn more about its updated look. 


You can also set up your own betting watch lists. Aside from getting pre-match odds ahead of the game, you can also see and bet instantly once a bookmaker changes their line. 


This way, you can fully experience the advantage of wagering on live sports matches using top online sportsbooks. To create your own Watch List, simply follow the instructions below.


How to create my own Watch List? 


Step 1 – Add Watchlist

Click the Watch List button on the top right corner of the VOdds dashboard then add a new one by simply clicking the “+ Add new watch list”. 

Watch List Drop-down

Add new watchlist


Step 2 – Search for your favourite sports leagues/matches

Type in words on the Search bar to filter results based on leagues or matches. It will be placed at the top for easier query.

Search Bar

Step 3 – Filter by Event Type


Select Filter by to choose the type of bet. Choose one from Full-time Handicap (FT HDP), Half-time Handicap (HT HDP), Full-time Total (FT TOTAL), Half-time Total (HT TOTAL), as well as Full-time 1X2 (FT 1X2) and Half-time 1X2 (HT 1X2).


For the Event Type, Select one from All, Regular, or Special.

Filter by Event Type

Event Type


Step 4 – Filter by Market Type


Narrow down your query by Market Type. Choose one from:

  • All for all events.
  • Live for all the In-Running events.
  • Today for all the events whose start time is from 12:00:00 PM on the current date to 11:59:59 AM on the following date.
  • Early for all the events whose start time is after 11:59:59 AM on the following date.

Event Type (All, Regular, Special)

You can also narrow it down by Match Start Time. Fill in the start and end dates to generate the matches. 

Calendar Step 3

Afterwards, tick the boxes of the respective tournaments you want to add to the Watch List. 


Tick also the box on the lower right corner if you want to automatically include new matches in the specified sports league or matchups.



Tick all boxes - Add watchlist

Step 5 – Submit

Input any Watch List Name you like then hit the Submit button. You now have your customized watch list.


It will be added automatically to the Market drop-down menu and you can see the filtered sports leagues when you click on this view.


How to view, edit, or delete Watch Lists?


To view the default or customized watch lists, click on the Market drop-down menu beside the search bar. And click on your chosen watch list. You can now easily check your favourite games in a filtered view.


View, Edit, Delete Watchlist


And if you want to edit or delete a watch list head on to the Watch List drop-down menu, above the search bar, and click on the pen or cross icon on the side.



Add watchlist tick boxes


Experience VOdds 2.0 for yourself!

Log in to your VOdds account today and create multiple watch lists to help you focus on your favourite sports leagues and matches. You can opt to log in on their mobile sports betting platform for convenience too! Register now and learn how to maximize your account by reading our VOdds’ online sports betting guides.

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