Tennis and the Relevance of APIs in Competitive Sports Betting

Tennis and The Relevance of APIs In Competitive Sports Betting

Last updated on September 15th, 2021

Many competitive sports that are popular when it comes to betting. Most notable are football, basketball and horse racing. But aside from those, another sport is considered a favorite and this is tennis. Tennis betting stands out from the rest for several reasons. 


Major Tennis Events


Some sports only have a handful of events, but with tennis, there are countless tournaments, such as the ATP and WTA Tournaments. It would give more betting opportunities and would drive many punters to betting sites with the best live sports API data feed where they can place their wagers as quickly and conveniently as they can. 


An Individual Sport


Since tennis often involves a match between an individual and an opponent, it is far easier to analyse it compared to team sports. As a bettor, you can make more sound and informed decisions.


Different Types of Sports Betting


There are a variety of sports bets that you can choose from, like match betting, most aces, games handicap, and more. With all the tournaments taking place, you’ll have a number of matches to place your bets on.


Consider Player’s Injuries and Fatigue


As a punter, you can make use of your knowledge based on the player’s statistics. You can use it to your advantage if, for example, you can trade in in-play based on the injury of the player. It is because the game might be affected because of such an issue. These kinds of things might affect the result.


Who are the highest-paid tennis players in 2018-2019?

Highest Paid Tennis  

Courtesy of Statista


Tennis is such an entertaining sport that is loved by a lot of people, especially in the UK. According to Statista, the monthly share of total viewership occupied by sports viewing in 2019 had its peak in July, which is 12.36%. The reason for this was because of the three major events that took place: ICC Cricket World Cup final, Formula 1 British Grand Prix, and lastly, the Wimbledon men’s final, which was a match between  Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.


Viewership Ratings 

Courtesy of Statista


What makes tennis sports betting also successful is with the help of live sports odds API. Sports betting websites make use of such to provide them with real-time access to odds data for sports events. There’s a lot of sports APIs that have helped countless bookmakers and punters when it comes to providing regular season data, historical statistics, and real time odds. According to ProgrammableWeb, there has been a steady increase of APIs in 2019 compared to the previous years.


Growth of APIs


Courtesy of ProgrammableWeb


Thus, always keep in mind that when selecting the right API odds data for sports bets, you must choose the one that can connect you with the appropriate platform. Don’t make the mistake of choosing one that will provide the least detailed information. What you need is a sports API that can give you access to complete match data, and more.


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