Benefits of Research in Betting

Research Benefits in Betting VOdds

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

Whatever sport you choose to bet on, researching your selections is a crucial part of the process. With events often decided by fine margins and factors such as injuries, home and away form, travel times, cumulative fatigue and pitch conditions, arming yourself with as much information as possible can be a huge benefit.


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Why is Research Important in Betting?


Typically, the more research and time you can put into it, the better it will be for you.


The bookmakers clearly have huge amounts of data at their fingerprints, so by doing your own due diligence, you can use this to bridge the gap and find value while heightening your chances of success in your selections.




Keeping up to date with the news surrounding the teams or individuals you plan to bet on is a good place to start, for this will usually give you some vital insights into certain elements. Moreover, obtaining information from forums, blogs and specific betting sites can help you with this type of surface knowledge.


Assuming you have an understanding of the event you are staking on, things like knowing playing styles of certain teams and how they match up can be vital too. So purely observing and watching plenty of matches can be a strong source of research to accompany any figures and data.


Essential Data


The next step would be to look at some basic form guides and get a gauge of the recent performances for whatever your potential selection may be. After scouring over the aforementioned, diving deeper into some detailed statistics is then an excellent idea.


This can give you some key indicators on aspects like average goals per game, shots per game, defensive fragility, number of cards, how teams have fared against elite teams and their past history vs. their next opponent. With many fantastic, in-depth analysis websites around on a multitude of sports to enhance your investigations, these can help you bring meaning to the numbers and identify some clear patterns.


Derbies are important to be aware of too, for in sports like soccer they can tend to be physical, feisty and low on goals. So looking into less navigated markets such as cards and fouls can be useful in making astute choices.


Compiling data on a range of topics should also lead you to find some value in such markets like Asian Handicaps and points spread betting, as picking clear winners will customarily represent poor value and not offer as much earning potential.


Whilst undertaking your research and referring it back to the odds, you should hopefully begin to find some real value. Key to any success is obviously having the capacity to interpret your findings and use this to your advantage, as examining correlations and trends within any sport should lead you to success if done correctly.


Obviously the research process can be a very time consuming one, but if the craft is carefully honed, executed meticulously and methodically, it’s certainly worth the effort, for you can quickly transform yourself into an efficient, profitable operator.


Although it seems like a daunting prospect to undertake in the beginning, once you’ve put your plans into practice and stick to your system, your knowledge and chances of winning will unquestionably increase.


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