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Last updated on January 10th, 2022

Most professional players play only with large amounts of bets. They are used to it, because such a strategy can lead to big wins and paid dividends. But it is difficult for beginners to play with large amounts, so they have to make simple small-sized bets. They need to understand how to make money on bets without risk. Our VOdds platform is always happy to provide our clients with only the juiciest Asian odds and a wide range of events! Place your bets now!


Today we have to figure out how to make money on bets without risk for beginners. Let’s analyze all the nuances that inexperienced players can expect. Let’s highlight some of the best risk-free betting strategies.


Are there any similar strategies?


Big players understand that there are risks involved in all tactics. The strategy cannot be called a win-win strategy, since it is initially impossible to predict the outcome of the battle. But it is possible to identify the best risk-free sports betting strategies, at least at the initial stage. You can place a pleasant bet on our VOdds platform.


There are potentially less risky strategies that will allow players to bet more frequently. But all the same, it will not be possible to achieve a 100% guarantee. Therefore, we advise beginners to place risk-free bets using the following methods:


  • Overlapping of all outcomes. This strategy is often referred to as a “fork”. In this case, earning on risk-free bets occurs by wagering on slightly different events. For example, one bookmaker’s office gives the first team a coefficient of 1.5. The other sets the odds for the final victory of the guests at 5.0. Therefore, if you want to allocate 1000 rubles, then it is better to bet 750 on the victory of the first team and 250 on the other. As a result, you get your money anyway, regardless of the outcome of the match. Here is an example of risk free sports betting.


  • Catch up in basketball. When watching basketball matches, you can make a smart bet on live catch-up. The essence of this tactic is to place bets on the desired outcome in quarters and to increase the amount of funds to bet in the event of a loss. In this case, you either take the dividends for yourself when you win, or increase the rate to win back. Ultimately, it is almost impossible to lose in all quarters.


  • Bets on the favorite. These types of outcomes are not always in demand among beginners because of the small odds. But the technique is used when playing with the “ladder”, which we talked about in our other article. Therefore, it is quite acceptable and profitable to place bets on favorites for beginners.


Making money on sports betting without risk is possible. But at the same time, you need to always think with your head and not go where you can lose your money. And you can increase your start-up capital on our VOdds platform. Only the freshest Asian cafes and lots of positive emotions are waiting for you!

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