Double chance in soccer betting. What does it mean?

Last updated on January 10th, 2022

Football betting includes a huge variety of different outcomes. The most important is the victory of one of the teams. But novice players do not always know that there is a double chance in football betting. You can place a confident bet on our VOdds platform! Asian odds are already waiting for you!


That means a double chance X2 in bets on football and its other varieties. Let’s find out what pitfalls are present in such a game. Let’s take a look at double chance betting strategies in football.


Main essence


Most beginners know perfectly well that you can place bets on the victory of one of the teams or on a draw. For example, P1, P2 or X. But you need to understand that for novice players there are much safer strategies for playing at bookmakers.


Double chance (12, 1X, 2X) in football betting is two simultaneous bets on the main outcomes. Accordingly, the coefficients for such events will differ in the lower direction. Let’s look at specific examples:


  • 1X – in this case you are betting that the hosts will either win or there will be a draw in the match. For example, if you are not sure of the home team’s victory, even taking into account the game on the home field, there is an option to use a similar bet. You can make a confident bet on our VOdds platform!


  • 2X – victory of the away team or a draw. It is also a good type of bet due to its uniqueness. It can be used if the home team has been having problems in the championship lately. Or if the guests have been playing well and confidently lately.


  • 12 is another example of double chance betting in football. In this case, you make a bet that will be winning only if one of the teams wins. A tie is not quoted in this case.


These types of bets are in great demand among the public and newbies. New bettors at bookmakers don’t want to lose their entire pot. Therefore, such events are a good bet. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the odds will differ in contrast to the main quotes for a win or a draw. It’s all about the greater likelihood of winning and saving money. You can place such a bet and many others on our VOdds platform. Register and collect your winnings now!

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