5 Common Mistakes in Basketball Betting You Should Avoid

Last updated on December 29th, 2021

A lot of basketball betting mistakes often result in huge losses. These errors often occur when you’re just starting out or during live betting, when you have little time to make a reasonable bet. So knowing what missteps to avoid can minimize your chances of losing.


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Here are the top 5 basketball betting mistakes that beginners tend to follow. To guide you, we have also included tips on how to avoid these and learn how to bet the smarter way.


1. Full-proof betting strategy always helps you win

Experienced sports bettors have developed many betting strategies to minimize risks. However, they cannot guarantee consistent profits, and mishaps are still possible. Your tactics should not be limited to the betting tools you’re using. This should be combined with match analysis to be more effective.


2. Betting on underdogs

Beginners, maybe due to the thrill or lack of knowledge, place bets on the lower divisions and unfamiliar teams. Such a risky move can seriously dent your budget. Take caution of these impulses so you don’t bet recklessly. 

Only start venturing on this market if you’re knowledgeable about the local teams or if you have already got used to betting and are confidently winning.

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3. Favorites are constantly on top

Top teams are rarely at their best consistently, so you shouldn’t bet on them constantly. Yet this remains as one of the most common betting mistakes newbies make. 

Understanding the statistics, team players’ health, weather, and more are important as well to fully comprehend the factors affecting a game’s outcome. 

Perhaps you always favor the stronger team because your online bookmakers offer the best odds only to them? Carefully review the betting lines offered by your bookmakers or sports betting sites.


4. Unexpected results are uncommon

This misconception is directly related to the third mistake.  You need to understand that your favorite or strong teams can’t win all the time. This may not always be the case but a motivated opponent is capable of winning their match against a clear favorite. 

Do not forget that even in a professional basketball event like NBA, or any sport at that, the team winning or results are not always the same.


5. Disregard for statistics

Beginners rarely consider all factors before placing a bet. Why study the game history of both basketball teams, if you can just bet on your favourite and not think about anything? 

This is a vital mistake that definitely leads to you losing bets. But don’t worry, VOdds can help you with this. 


One of the services we offer is our API, Unity. API works by gathering sports data and extracting statistics and combining them with strategies that are best for you. This way, you will be able to improve your betting and base them on real-time information quickly.


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