Football Goalscoring Betting

Football Goalscoring Betting

Last updated on September 15th, 2021

With many football leagues around the world gradually returning to action after enforced lay offs, many punters are glad to see their beloved teams return.


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With this comes many opportunities for punters to use their knowledge and put their skills to the test in a variety of markets. There’s no doubting the goalscoring markets offer some interesting options.




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While you can use your general knowledge when betting, it’s best to accompany this with some quality research and analysis. The obvious place to start is looking at which players are in excellent form. Then, as you dig deeper, you can look at some more advanced metrics.


These include things like how many Expected Goals a player is recording per game, how many actual goals per game they’re scoring and how many shots on target per game they’re launching. Checking on aspects like if your player takes penalties and set pieces is also wise to investigate too.


In addition, looking at how many total chances a team generates per game, how effective they are at set pieces and how many chances the opposition concede per game is useful too before locking in your selections. Checking past matches and how a particular player performs against certain teams can also give an additional edge.



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You can obviously tailor your findings depending on the markets you’re looking at. The most popular options are anytime goalscorer or first goalscorer, with the latter being far more difficult to predict but paying higher odds.


While you won’t always win in the goalscorer markets, it’s important to not get disheartened if results don’t go your way. Just keep remaining patient and doing your research and you should come up trumps sooner rather than later in this fun, exciting type of betting.


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