Win with In-Play Asian Handicap in Sports Trading

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Asian handicap betting is a popular choice among punters especially for football betting. It’s where you give one team a head start or a deficit, this is one of the betting markets that gives you more chances to win your bet.

Other than draw no bet, money line, and 1×2 or totals betting, asian handicap market is something that you should definitely try.

If you’re new to sports betting, check out our ultimate guide.

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How Does In-Play Asian Handicap Work?

If Asian handicap soccer sounds good to you, then here’s Asian handicap football explained. Although you can use the In-Play Asian Handicap for all football, basketball, and tennis matches, it is mostly used on the football market.

This gives you the opportunity to place your bets while a match is still being played. If you are adept at spotting trends, quick to identify certain patterns and accompany this with some thorough research, you could profit quite handsomely from this market.

With prices fluctuating throughout matches, it’s quite the art recognising when to put the point handicap for your sports betting odds.

A key tip is to obviously watch all the matches so you can gauge who you will give 0.5 handicap, 1.25 handicap, -1.5 handicap, and so on. You’ll have a real-time direction of the contest, whoever is getting the upper hand and who’s dropping off.

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In addition, if a stronger team, for example Manchester City, or a player falls behind, this gives you an opportunity to cash in at a good price if you believe they can recover the situation to win the game.

Extra upside can be found in an instance when you back a -1.0 Asian handicap in a football match, and your team only wins by a goal handicap, your stake is refunded, instead of losing your bet.

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Asian Handicap Match Results Table

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Aside from making the most of your knowledge of the sport that you’re betting on, using statistics can also serve as a great tool for you, this can indeed give you an edge.

Take football, for example, some data can give you an idea on vital metrics such as:

  • How many goals does your chosen team score and concede per game?
  • What stage of the fixture do they score the majority of their goals (first or second half)?
  • Do they have a tendency to score late goals?
  • What happens if a match ends in a draw?
  • How many total goals are typically scored in their matches?

It then pays to record your results to see how you’ve been faring in your selections and if you can draw any conclusions that will help you on the path to success and see if your favoured team wins the match.

In-Play Asian Handicap Explained


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Even though there’s some luck attached to in-play Asian Handicap odds, if you undertake your due diligence and consider the many factors that can impact your selections, you will certainly enhance your chances of coming out on top.

Start trading the right way and log in to your account, register now if you don’t have one yet and be on your way to becoming a successful bettor.

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