How Does Tennis Betting Work: Features and Nuances

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Tennis has taken the world by storm ever since it started, with the Grand Slam, Australian Open, French Open, and other famous cups, it is now more popular in the sports betting industry. 


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In this article, we will talk about how to predict and win tennis bets. We will take into account all the features and nuances of betting on this sport and the most profitable wagering tips on tennis.


Important outcomes you need to know in tennis


First, you need to select the matches that you want to place your tennis bets on. Then through these outcomes, you will be able to understand how tennis betting works. 


These include:

  1. Betting on the Outright Tournament Winner – This is the simplest and most straight-forward outcome that can happen, this is where you place a bet on the victory of one team/player who you think will win the match.
  2. Betting on Matches/Exact Score – Unlike football, basketball, and some other disciplines, there is no double outcome in tennis due to the specifics of the sports. Therefore, with VOdds having a wide range of sporting events, you can bet on the exact score of a tennis match, because there will be no such thing as a draw.
  3. Betting on Sets – The total is the sum of games played in a match. A tennis match is divided into sets, which in turn are divided into games. Unlike match betting, you only bet on the outcome of an individual set and not a complete match. If you bet 21.5, the amount of games must not exceed 22.
  4. Betting on Handicap Odds – If a tennis match unfolds around opponents of equal skills, then the bookmaker will definitely put odds on the handicap. The handicap (-2.5) bet will be victorious if the other player can win with a difference of 3 or more games. Our VOdds platform has Asian handicap options for such events, so you have a great opportunity to catch higher odds.
  5. Betting on Over/Unders – This bet is used when it is a close match, the outcome is a shorter game with an equal difference between games and sets. Instead of betting on a favourite player or team to win with very small odds, then you can bet on the match to finish faster instead. In these cases, it is better to bet on the under to bring you better odds.

Tennis betting strategy and tips


When betting on tennis for a living, and to win the right tennis bets, you need to adhere to certain tennis betting tips and the right strategy. The main tactics for more profitable bets are:


  1. Betting on favourites
  2. Handicap betting

There are a lot of other strategies and tennis predictions out there, but today we will focus on the most common ones. If we consider the tactics of betting on a favourite, several factors need to be taken into account. 


Firstly, analyzing the past data of a stronger tennis player will not always have a positive outcome on current or future bets. Sometimes it is better to watch the current game and look closely on the live performance of each player than relying on historical data. 


When you look at tennis tipsters and their predictions, they have their own favourites in the beginning and during the matches. If the odds are acceptable, take into account all the necessary statistical information and then make the right choice.


On the other hand, there are certain nuances with the second tactic. To correctly make the right choice for handicap betting, you need to consider the current shape of your opponents. You may also need to look at their statistics to see how future rivals will perform.


This type of tactic or strategy focuses on the individual’s performance in the current and past games rather than the results of the actual match. If you notice an excellent preparation of one of the opponents in recent tournaments, it is most likely that this particular tennis player will be able to bring you a win.


Also, the second strategy pours out of the first. If the bet on the favourite is not profitable due to the small odds, there is always a possibility to consider a negative handicap. 


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