New Basketball Betting Tips: Features and Nuances

Last updated on December 27th, 2021

Basketball is one of the most popular sports today, especially when betting on NBA basketball odds. Many punters bet on this sport using different European and Asian bookmakers. 


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However, the question of how to bet on basketball games online correctly remains open for many newbie sports bettors. In this article, we will talk about the main nuances, basketball betting tips, examples on NBA picks, and pitfalls.

Main Types of Basketball Bets


First, you need to understand how a basketball game works. As with any other sport, you can have betting options with the major outcomes, including:

  1. One of the teams wins
  2. Double outcome
  3. Total
  4. Handicap

Newbie punters can try to place bets on such outcomes. But professionals operate in a much more  profitable way. There is a great demand for such an outcome, which is called “catch-up” or quarter-by-quarter strategy. 


So what is this quarter-by-quarter strategy all about?


It should be understood that a quarter is a kind of a fight within the fight itself. This strategy is based on a solution that assumes that a favorite is not always able to win in every quarter of the match.


Therefore, with a catch-up betting strategy, we have to divide the basketball matches into quarters. We offer this type of bet with great odds. A large number of betting lines, a wide selection of sporting events, live bets, NBA predictions – all these on our all-in-one platform.


Tips on Winning Basketball Bets + Samples!


Let’s analyze the main features of basketball betting using this method.


Let’s try to look at a bet on NBA games, like the one between the teams, Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors last November 19. 

Most bookmakers rated the Warriors’ victory highly, since it was the clear favourite. But does it make sense to bet on a small coefficient of 1.5, especially for a beginner? Probably not. Therefore, let’s think competently and analyze the coefficients into quarters.


The first quarter had interesting odds. Many professional punters in that fight were clearly unsure of the unconditional victory of the Warriors in all sets, since this outcome is uncommon.


What we’re interested in now is the first quarter, the betting odds for the victory of the Cavaliers in the initial stage of the game was 2.28. Pretty good, in our opinion. But there are certain nuances, which we will talk about a little later.


Now let’s figure out what a catch-up rate is. It implies doubling the initial rate if the first one failed to enter. Suppose we made a bet on the victory of the Cavaliers in the first quarter, but the team lost, and in order for us to gain a good advantage, we should double the rate on the victory of the same team, but in the second quarter.


If the second bet does not come in, we double it, but already by the third quarter. The same team wins – the bet is accepted. If we win, then we leave in a good plus.


I hope we helped you figure out this sports betting strategy using an online sportsbook broker, and that you understood how to win on basketball odds using this method. 


Thanks to our VOdds trading platform, which has a lot of events and the best NBA odds, basketball betting is now a more profitable hobby! 


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