Advantages of Using a Sportsbooks Aggregator

Advantages of using a Sportsbooks Aggregator

Last updated on December 20th, 2021

One of the most important factors in becoming successful in sports betting is for bettors to choose which sports betting site or which online sportsbook to use. There are hundreds of sportsbooks on the internet and selecting a good one can be quite difficult.


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There a lot of factors to consider before deciding which bookmaker you want to use. Two of these are finding one that is reputable and trustworthy. A lot of bettors tend to create multiple sportsbook accounts in order to line shop and compare odds. However, there’s actually another way to do this without creating numerous accounts.


At VOdds, you can enjoy managing your bets using a single-wallet, centralised platform. You can ultimately remove the hassle of maintaining and managing multiple accounts since VOdds will allow you to have access to the best online sports odds from the biggest sportsbooks in the world they are affiliated with using a single account.


Here are more advantages you can get when using sportsbooks aggregators


Conveniently Line Shop & Compare Odds


Having a lot of accounts can give you the ability to line shop and compare odds from various bookies. The downside is it will definitely take some time. Of course odds and lines offered in sports betting markets usually vary from different sportsbooks. When you shop and compare, you can make sure you get the best and the highest odds every time you place your bets.


Of course using more than one betting site can increase your betting opportunities. You will have the same advantage when you create an account with the number 1 sportsbook aggregator though. Apart from this, you can also have access to the most popular sports to bet on in the market with the likes of football and tennis.


With VOdds, you can efficiently line shop, compare odds from a diverse list of top Asian bookies across the globe and more, even if you register just a single account. You won’t need to login to multiple direct accounts.


Betting Variety


Most online sportsbooks have a variety of betting order options. Aside from the standard straight bets, sportsbooks offer spread bets, proposition bets, and parlay bets to name a few.


In addition to these betting variety, VOdds trading platform has a more advanced order options that aren’t available in most bookmakers. It includes a Normal Order, Positional Order, and Future Order.


A Normal Order is where you place your bet on a selected type for a specific stake and odds immediately.


A Positional Order is a new strategic feature available to clients. This allows them to bet on a selection and exit the position when the odds move in their specified direction. This type of order maximises the user’s credit limit of up to 10 times. Basically, a $100 credit can allow you to bet up to $1000.


Lastly, a Future Order is an alternative for bettors who prefer to place their bets on specific prices. It’s also for quantitative analysts who use a set of fixed prices to trade.


Readily available resources


Another huge advantage in using a sportsbooks aggregator is the access to numerous resources that will help you make your picks. Whether it’s analyses, statistics, features, news, or previews of upcoming events, rest assured that these are assets that you can utilise before placing your bets.


Exclusive bonuses, rewards & promotions


There are a lot of generous bonuses and promotions given frequently to all VOdds customers. Whether you’re a newbie, a regular bettor, or an inactive one, rest assured that VOdds will provide you with exclusive deals that will definitely make your sports betting more pleasurable. You can also take advantage of these and use it however and whenever you like.


So what are you waiting for? Up your game in sports betting and sign up with the best sportsbooks aggregator in the market.


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